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Meet your meat

Spot and Smelvin came to us as two pink, roly poly piglets with floppy ears and corkscrew tails. They were absolutely adorable. As they got older, they became less adorable. They were grotesquely fat and did nothing but lie grunting … Continue reading

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I still feel a little sad for Dean the rooster, so here’s a picture of me and the chickens during happier times.

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Crime and Punishment

With his butterscotch coloring and opulent crest of feathers, our Polish rooster Dean was a handsome bird. But the golden prince of the chicken coop had a dark side. He was wicked as sin. I was 6 that summer, and … Continue reading

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My mom has been raising goats for about 15 years. The babies are really cute, but destructive. Their favorite thing to do is jump on top of whatever they can find and then leap back off. Their sharp little hooves wrecked the seat on the … Continue reading

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She has an explosive personality

I got a copy of my hometown newspaper. “Remington” has become one of the more popular names for little girls. Oh boy.

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The devil came to daycare

Slouched back into the red pile upholstery of the pew, I watched the wasp bob and weave around the lights in the church sanctuary. Though my parents didn’t belong to any particular denomination, I was there because I was enrolled … Continue reading

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