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When a redneck comes a courtin’

My sister Katy answered the door to find Andy Johnson standing on our porch. Andy’s family owned a farm adjacent to ours, so we were on the same school bus route. On most days, Andy took special pleasure in tormenting … Continue reading

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Game over

Our dad put the tetherball pole up in the backyard hoping that my sisters and I would punch the ball instead of each other. For a while it worked. The three of us would take turns challenging the winner of … Continue reading

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Pasties and Bigfoot

When I was a child, The Call of the Wild was a taxidermy museum located on the outskirts of a neighboring town. It was a big building featuring a facade designed to look like the face of a cliff. Elk, … Continue reading

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Maya the house goat

Whenever a doe rejects her kid, my mom brings the baby into our house so she can keep an eye on it. Maya was one of these house goats. She spent the earliest part of her life in a Girl … Continue reading

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Lord, deliver us from the snack machine

The trio entered the emergency room lobby at about 11 that night. There was Mama Podunk, Papa Podunk and Teen Podunk. After noisily situating themselves in a corner, Mama Podunk gave Teen Podunk three dollar bills to buy three bottles … Continue reading

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