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Pardon my French

Learning French in the Ozarks is a treat because the local accent adds so much to foreign languages. “Paaaaahr-laaaay vew luh frown-saaaayuhs?” But we didn’t just speak it in ways it wasn’t meant to be spoken. We heard it in … Continue reading

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Wrapped around his finger

Abraham Holland was a weird kid. He had a Muppet-like voice that made him sound like he was always screaming. His mop of orange curls looked like someone had dumped a can of Spaghetti-Os on his head. He had a … Continue reading

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A manchild, left behind

Frank Powell started sixth grade the same year Katy did. The next year, he was still in sixth grade. The following year, Annie had a few classes with him. The next year, he started sixth grade again. It’s hard to … Continue reading

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Trés chic

I have friends who can spot a gem in a clearance rack from a mile away. With hawk-like precision, they pluck the perfect cocktail dresses from the carrion of last season’s castoffs. But perhaps the greatest eye for beauty amidst … Continue reading

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The scent of desire

For a fashion-loving teen stuck in a sartorial wasteland, there was nothing as exciting as the day Seventeen magazine landed in the mailbox. I would pore over the slick pages, memorizing color stories and thinking of ways to reinvent my … Continue reading

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And you thought your high school mascot was weird

One day in fourth grade, my teacher decided to put away the books for an hour and give a local civics lesson. “Who is the mayor?” she asked. “Morgan’s uncle,” we answered in unison. “And who is the prosecuting attorney?” “James’ … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

My sister got married in Savannah, Ga., last weekend. I spent a little time watching “Toddlers and Tiaras” in my hotel room. I’m not ashamed of myself. I like to indulge in junk food and junk TV when I’m away … Continue reading

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Fancy takes flight

I wouldn’t say that my mother was heartless. I would say she was realistic, pragmatic even. Cats might have nine lives, but ours seemed to blow through them at an exponential rate when compared with my city cousins’ pets. It … Continue reading

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