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When I was 15, I fell in love. Or something like that. I don’t know any other word to describe my feelings for this boy. When I tell people about it now, they don’t understand how he had such a … Continue reading

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Welcome to the madhouse

Some women click around the Internet fantasizing about the next pair of shoes they’re going to buy. Others might be researching dream vacations, searching for the ultimate chocolate cake recipe, trying to define their decor style or looking for love … Continue reading

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By the way, this is Radar. He is a chiweenie. He’s also an utter asshole. Isn’t he the weirdest looking thing you’ve ever seen?

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A conversation with my mother

Sometimes dogs are stupid. “I couldn’t eat even half of my usual breakfast burrito today, so I put it down for Radar and he scarfed it up. Then got a bit of melted-cheesy tortilla stuck to his toes. He could … Continue reading

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My mom the hipster

I emailed my mom a link to Dads are the Original Hipsters because I thought she would like that blogger’s take on late 70s/early 80s fashion. She didn’t. “Dads are not the original hipsters,” she said. “Moms are.┬áI was way … Continue reading

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Treasure hunt

Today my mom and I hit the local flea markets. Here are some of the high points:

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Christmas memories

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She’ll probably be a really big star soon

Annie got all the music genes.

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A conversation with my mother

“When I had my tonsils out, I was off solid foods for two weeks.” “You had your tonsils taken out?” “Yes.” “When? Not since I’ve known you, right?” “Wow. Thanks, Mom.”

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Goats + NPR = a fabulous morning

One of my city friends just sent me a link to this story. I am pleased to report every description about my favorite ruminant in this piece is accurate. I definitely will be giving NPR money during its next pledge drive.

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