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A conversation with a friend

“I’m sorry. It’s just that … that sometimes … I’m … I’m … sometimes I’m an awkward duck.” “That’s OK. Even ducks can ride bicycles.”

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Piano man

I am so happy whenever I see this newspaper clipping. Someday I will take his old recordings and have them digitized.

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A conversation with my mother

“I am trying to decide if I have a subdural hematoma. Hit an icy patch on the sidewalk and went down before I knew it. Bam! On my head.” “Oh wow.” “I took a shower in case I have to … Continue reading

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Dad and me

My dad didn’t have it easy. He shared a house with a wife and three teenage daughters. Even the dogs were bitches. I know sometimes it made him uncomfortable. When my mom brought home those economy-sized boxes of tampons to … Continue reading

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A message from my mother

“By the way, I had that Aaliyah thing you posted on Annie’s Facebook wall turned up on my computer while a maintenance guy was here fixing something in our TV, and he was very smirky when he left.” Sidenote: I am jealous … Continue reading

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A conversation with a friend

“Since we broke up, I’ve had so much more toilet paper! That boy stopped up three separate toilets of mine.”

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Baby, you can ticket my car

I was downtown running a few errands for work when she caught my eye. She was a vision in navy cargo pants, a polo shirt and an institutional-looking visor.  The meter maid was out in her Wednesday best. “I hope you … Continue reading

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