A conversation with my mother

“I am trying to decide if I have a subdural hematoma. Hit an icy patch on the sidewalk and went down before I knew it. Bam! On my head.”

“Oh wow.”

“I took a shower in case I have to go to the hospital. I don’t want greasy hair to start with. Maybe I should go put on some makeup, too.”


“I’ll be very pissed off if they take off some of my newly acquired manicure to put on one of those O2 things on my finger. I got blue fingernails, and I will never have them again because George frowned and shook his head.”

“This is like the time I broke my arm and you gave me an after-school snack before you took me to the ER.”

“I gave you ice cream thinking it would shut you up. Alas, you really were hurt.”

“The ice cream was the reason I had to stay overnight. They wanted me on an empty stomach.”

“I know, so I’m only having coffee this morning.”

About Carrie

Writer by day, writer by night. Urban farmer/dog mama/baby mama/bicycle enthusiast/oenophile the rest of the time.
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