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A good cause

I just got off the phone with a man who belongs to a country line dance/breast cancer awareness walking group called the Boot Scootin’ Boobies. He wanted to let me know about an upcoming chili cookoff fundraiser. Everything about our … Continue reading

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Love song

You can say whatever it is you want about Hanson. I know better. “What the heck is an MMMBop?” you ask. I am not sure, either. But, what were you doing when you were 14? Were you recording a four-time … Continue reading

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A message from a friend

“Why isn’t your life a webcomic?”

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A conversation with a friend

“I’m not hungover, but I have that achy feeling in my head.” “That’s how I usually feel, but I haven’t had a drink in four days and I feel great! This must be what normal people feel like every morning!” … Continue reading

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What is art?

My friend and colleague Jodie Jackson Jr. brought in this picture he took 20 something years ago. He has graciously allowed me to hold onto it so I can get a copy made for myself. I am so pleased.

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Found art

I don’t know if it’s the whole Etsy movement or what, but I have been on a big crafting kick lately. Here’s my most recent project. My mom gave me two goat skulls and two sets of deer antlers the … Continue reading

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I saw this on my way home from work. Suddenly, I have a case of the green-eyed monsters.

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