High brow

The 90s were an interesting time for eyebrows.

I recently read some gossipy interview with a beauty expert who blamed Pamela Anderson for the pencil-thin, exaggerated arches we all forced our brows into. I am not sure this is true. At the height of the trend, I read a different gossipy interview with a beauty expert who said the fullness of our brows was inversely proportionate to the economic climate.

What I do know is that this trend was fun for a Type-A personality with self-destructive tendencies. The time I spent in front of a magnifying mirror stabbing with slanted tweezers at the downy blond wisps nobody else could see was justified. It was beauty, baby.

Annie wasn’t a compulsive plucker, but she observed enough of my neuroses to know that a little shaping and clean-up was necessary.

Only Katy ignored the visage of the times. She was perfectly fine with her thick Brooke Shields brows.

Sometimes I offered to tweeze some of her strays for her. She would take one look at the splotchy, swollen folds of my eyelids and say no.

One day I found Annie sitting on the couch watching TV, a blob of white cream glistening between her eyes.

“Annie, what is that?”


“Why the heck do you have Nair on your face?”

“I’m hoping Katy will take a hint.”

We had a good laugh over that, but our mirth was cut short when Annie’s face started to burn.

“It hurts! It hurts!” she howled.

“Put some soap on it!”

“Ow! No, don’t touch me! It hurts!”

“Oh my god, you are turning red!”

“Make it stop!”

Ultimately, Katy had the last laugh. And today, she has the best brows.

About Carrie

Writer by day, writer by night. Urban farmer/dog mama/baby mama/bicycle enthusiast/oenophile the rest of the time.
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4 Responses to High brow

  1. Funny post! And yes, Nair stings like hell!
    Actually, thin brows were popular even back in the 1920’s. So unless Pam has had a LOT of face work to hide 80 years worth of wrinkles (capitalisation necessary to differentiate from the lots of work she has had), she probably wasn’t the inventor.
    I remember when Mum had an incident with a jar of wax and my eyebrows (at 14). I had a permanent ‘surprise’ look from super arched, super thin brows. It was for my uncle’s wedding, so the proof is still around for all to see. Thank goodness for Brooke Shields!

    • Carrie says:

      Aren’t at-home salon treatments the best? I once asked my mom to help me touch up my roots. I ended up with a blinding white skunk stripe.

      • haha oh yes, ‘home treatments gone wrong’ could be the next big reality TV hit. I sported that white skunk stripe also. I’m sure it’s an (accidentally) popular hairstyle 🙂

      • Sarahdoh says:

        You wound up with a skunk stripe because after I had carefully and arfully streaked your hair you had the temerity to say “THAT doesnt look like much”. So I glopped the rest of the goop down your part and went fishing with your dad.

        That’ll teach ya to question your mother.

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