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A boxer brief

Today I went out for a spot if shopping with Annie. It was something we hadn’t done in a long time, and it was a lot of fun. “Why don’t we do this more often,” I asked her. “We don’t … Continue reading

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A message from a friend

“I’m going to the lake this weekend to check it out for us. I’ll let you know what kind of redneck species we are dealing with. I’m going to something called ‘Tater Day.’”

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I got an invitation to my 10-year high school reunion in the mail today. I knew the big day was coming up, but I didn’t know the official schedule of events until now. It looks like it will be a … Continue reading

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A text message from my sister

“I am playing arcade basketball. If I win, I have requested a subscription to ‘Cat Fancy’ magazine.”

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A little extra padding

Annie was a defiantly independent kid. As the youngest sister, she observed everything Katy and I did right and wrong, so when it was time for her to try something for the first time — whether it was a minor … Continue reading

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A text message from my sister

“So, there’s a note on my door that says, in little-kid handwriting, ‘If you need your lawn did, call (name omitted) at (number omitted). Includes mow, trim and blow job.’”

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A conversation with my mother

“Did you and Grandma really kill a bottle of wine last night?” “Well, in a sense.” “What do you mean?” “It was sort of like if we were wolves and I was the pack leader and she was a wolf … Continue reading

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The power extender stretches between Saydie’s trailer and her parents’ house like an orange umbilical cord. She moved back to the family compound after a few years of community college and a stint working at a Walmart in Jonesboro. Saydie’s … Continue reading

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A message from my mother

“I dreamed Hank (the retired carnival mule my mom bought at a livestock auction when I was 10) got a girlfriend, then they got married. She was a smaller black and white mule. Her parents were real snobby and didn’t want her … Continue reading

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Customer service

I love home improvement stores. Love, love, love. However, I do not love chasing orange skirt. I’m talking to you, Home Depot.

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