A dispatch from the homeland

The April 25 issue of The Prospect-News features two stand-alone photos showing conservation agents Darren Killian and Jason Langston dragging a dryer out of the Current River. According to the cutline, the conservation agents were offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the dryer dumpers.

Conservation agents Darren Killian and Jason Langston pose with the catch of the day.

In the May 9 issue of the paper, we learn that an anoynymous caller identified Travis Cannon, 19, and Justin Qualls, 21, both of Doniphan, as the responsible parties.

Here are the merry pranksters.

According to the P-N, conservation agents were tipped off to photos on Cannon’s Facebook page, which showed the two posing with the dryer at a campsite at KC’s on the Current and attempting to blow it up by running it filled with rocks and bricks.

From that article, we also learn that the two were asked to leave the campsite. According to the P-N, they told conservation agents they threw the dryer off the bridge because they “thought it would be cool.”

I am still trying to figure out what the most shameful part of this story is. It could be the boys’ reckless disregard for the safety of others. It could be their infantile obsession with explosions. It could be the fact that Doniphan High School has a damn good vo-tech program, and these monkeys still couldn’t manage to blow up a simple dryer. It could be Qualls’ bowl cut.

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  1. Shouldn’t “bowl cuts” be merely a memory at the age of 21?

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