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A warning

I am dying to know what was the final straw that prompted this policy change in Bloomfield, Mo.

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A dispatch from the homeland

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A conversation with a friend

“I have to go find hot people soon.” “Like sexy people?” “Like sweaty people. There are no sexy people in Decatur.”

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Nonverbal communication

Boy, have I been where little Waylon is.

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Let there be no doubt that our mother could spank a child with such strength and sting it’d be a while before you felt OK about sitting again. But usually, when my sisters and I were overly rowdy/sullen/disagreeable she made … Continue reading

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A conversation with my roommate

“That shooting that happened this morning? One of my friends lives two doors down.” “Did she witness this?” “No, thank god. She slept through it.” “Yeesh. What is wrong with Columbia?” “I don’t know, but I don’t like it. We’re … Continue reading

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