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The St. Louis Cousins’ last ride

It was always an exciting time for my sisters and me when our St. Louis Cousins came to visit. For though we were the country mice to their city mice, they were savage in a way we admired but could … Continue reading

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Flight of the grudge mule

Our mother had purchased the mule as a sort of fuck-you to our father. She and our next-door neighbor, Cindy, liked to go to the sale barn every Monday night to get away from kids and husbands for a few … Continue reading

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An email from my mother

The goats didn’t jump the fence or crawl through today — maybe they have decided the grass is not green anywhere any more.

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The origin of species

Every family has its own mythology. Sometimes these stories are a way to restore order to the world when there’s evidence of things that aren’t quite right. Sometimes these stories are a way to inspire obedience. Sometimes these stories are … Continue reading

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Housing project

My stepfather, George, left a pair of New Balance walking shoes out on the shelf on the front porch. A house wren caught sight of the sneaks and decided they would make a good home.

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Animal husbandry

Many years ago, we had a pair of male geese, Ace and Gary, who only had eyes for each other. My mom later got a female in hopes of getting some goslings, but they chased her away. I guess we … Continue reading

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Survival of the fittest

A story published in the Prospect-News recounts the adventures of brave Leroy Reddin, who killed a 63 inch timber rattlesnake during a hunting trip March 31. According to the P-N, the snake measured 10 inches in circumference and had 12 … Continue reading

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