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A conversation with my roommate

“That shooting that happened this morning? One of my friends lives two doors down.” “Did she witness this?” “No, thank god. She slept through it.” “Yeesh. What is wrong with Columbia?” “I don’t know, but I don’t like it. We’re … Continue reading

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A conversation with my grandmother

“Are you riding your bicycle today?” “Yep.” “In this heat?” “Gas is up again and I refuse to pay for it.” “Well, I hope you don’t turn into a puddle of oil. That’s melted fat, you know.” “Oh.” “You’d probably turn … Continue reading

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Why they don’t let me out of the house

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On the commute part deux

“Nice purse holder,” a colleague said as I rolled into sight. “What’s that called again? Oh, it’s your handlebars.”

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