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A conversation with my roommate

“Oh! So the futon made it safely to Andrew’s garage. It’s going to be a pain in the ass to put back together though. Just a heads up.” “In what way? “I suppose that’s a little dramatic. It probably won’t … Continue reading

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Housing project

My stepfather, George, left a pair of New Balance walking shoes out on the shelf on the front porch. A house wren caught sight of the sneaks and decided they would make a good home.

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A text message from my sister

“So, there’s a note on my door that says, in little-kid handwriting, ‘If you need your lawn did, call (name omitted) at (number omitted). Includes mow, trim and blow job.’”

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A conversation with my grandmother

“I found this coffee cup upstairs in the bathroom. Sometimes I walk around and leave them weird places. It is a bad habit.” “It must be a Dohack thing. I remember your father used to leave coffee cups on all … Continue reading

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Good neighbors

At 100,000 people and growing, Columbia is 50 times the size of my hometown. As you can imagine, moving here was quite an adjustment for me. The sheer number of bodies in public spaces such as university lecture halls or … Continue reading

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Found art

I don’t know if it’s the whole Etsy movement or what, but I have been on a big crafting kick lately. Here’s my most recent project. My mom gave me two goat skulls and two sets of deer antlers the … Continue reading

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