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By the way, this is Radar. He is a chiweenie. He’s also an utter asshole. Isn’t he the weirdest looking thing you’ve ever seen?

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A conversation with my mother

Sometimes dogs are stupid. “I couldn’t eat even half of my usual breakfast burrito today, so I put it down for Radar and he scarfed it up. Then got a bit of melted-cheesy tortilla stuck to his toes. He could … Continue reading

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Season’s greetings

Nothing says holiday cheer quite like pulling strands of tinsel out of a dog’s butt.

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A conversation with my mother

Sometimes, small dogs are assholes.   Mom: So are you looking for a new Carrie hut?   Carrie: Blah. That really stresses me out. There are some places that are cheaper but not pet friendly, so I dunno.   Mom: … Continue reading

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Sing, dog, sing

I would rather be rocking than grading papers tonight. My dog feels the same way. He often joins me for singalongs.

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Twisted sister

I laugh until my sides hurt every time I see this picture of Katy’s dog.

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My little bundle of joy

It’s been a surreal day. A thousand weird things have happened, culminating in my dog’s first day in the newsroom. Prozac has spent most of his day snoozing in my lap, though he did accompany Catherine and me to Coffee Zone for … Continue reading

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