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The most important meal of the day

As a conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad, my father had a somewhat unpredictable schedule. Sometimes his work took him north to St. Louis or Chicago. Other times it took him south to Memphis or Little Rock. Sometimes he’d be … Continue reading

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A voice message from my mother

“Hello, Carrie, it’s 7:40 and I am leaving the grocery store. I have bought the traditional Prairie Farms eggnog, so I want you to know this weekend is not just about Chex Mix.”

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A phone call from my mother

Why don’t you come visit your mama? I just bought a big jar of Peter Pan peanut butter.

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The stay-at-home boyfriend

I had this conversation with a friend today: “I write stories for a living. I don’t do poorly, but I can’t support two people. Well, when one of those people needs to go to Banana Republic, especially.” “I am never … Continue reading

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Coffee cup wisdom

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Easter was always a stressful time for kids on the farm. Imagine, if you will, lying in bed on Easter eve wondering whether the Easter bunny will make it safely to your house. Your immediate concern isn’t that he will … Continue reading

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A conversation with my mother

“Did you and Grandma really kill a bottle of wine last night?” “Well, in a sense.” “What do you mean?” “It was sort of like if we were wolves and I was the pack leader and she was a wolf … Continue reading

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Crunch all you want

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The heart of the matter

June was a righteous woman. She and her husband attended both the morning and evening church services on Sunday, as well as the service on Wednesday. She was the kind of congregant who was always happy to bake cupcakes for … Continue reading

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A conversation with my mother

“Do you think Girl Scout cookies are good hangover breakfast?” “Depends. Thin Mints? No. Those peanut butter sandwich ones that are kind of oatmeal-ish? Yes. Samoas? No. Those shortbread ones? Yes.”

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