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Crunch all you want

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The heart of the matter

June was a righteous woman. She and her husband attended both the morning and evening church services on Sunday, as well as the service on Wednesday. She was the kind of congregant who was always happy to bake cupcakes for … Continue reading

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A conversation with my mother

“Do you think Girl Scout cookies are good hangover breakfast?” “Depends. Thin Mints? No. Those peanut butter sandwich ones that are kind of oatmeal-ish? Yes. Samoas? No. Those shortbread ones? Yes.”

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A text message from my sister

“Kid in front of me at Walgreens is wearing a Hickman 2012 jacket and buying Sour Patch Kids, a Mountain Dew liter and condoms. Don’t spoil her, kid!”

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A conversation with a friend

“You’re like that one kind of sushi. You know, the kind that kills people when it’s not done right.”

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A friend sent me this screenshot from a former classmate’s Facebook page. 

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A conversation with my mother

Sometimes dogs are stupid. “I couldn’t eat even half of my usual breakfast burrito today, so I put it down for Radar and he scarfed it up. Then got a bit of melted-cheesy tortilla stuck to his toes. He could … Continue reading

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