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An email from my mother

The goats didn’t jump the fence or crawl through today — maybe they have decided the grass is not green anywhere any more.

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Crunch all you want

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The local dialect

Having been out of Doniphan for almost 10 years now, I like to think I’ve shed most of the elongated vowels and dropped Gs characteristic of my native accent. I’m not saying they don’t come out when I’m tired or … Continue reading

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Found art

I don’t know if it’s the whole Etsy movement or what, but I have been on a big crafting kick lately. Here’s my most recent project. My mom gave me two goat skulls and two sets of deer antlers the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the madhouse

Some women click around the Internet fantasizing about the next pair of shoes they’re going to buy. Others might be researching dream vacations, searching for the ultimate chocolate cake recipe, trying to define their decor style or looking for love … Continue reading

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Goats + NPR = a fabulous morning

One of my city friends just sent me a link to this story. I am pleased to report every description about my favorite ruminant in this piece is accurate. I definitely will be giving NPR money during its next pledge drive.

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A note from my mother

“So, Becky just came in. She fed (the goats) for us yesterday because I wasn’t sure if we’d be home in time. She said that she’d left the hatch to her SUV open while she was doing chores and when … Continue reading

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On a happy note …

… how cute is this fat little fella?

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Bad to the bone

My mom and stepfather, George, received Rufus as a wedding gift. This billy goat had more pages than Tolstoy at his windiest. His sire had been Ennobled by the American Boer Goat Association, meaning he conformed to the physical standards … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

These photos show the high points of my day. Now you’ll have to excuse me. I drove all day and then drank an entire bottle of merlot by myself. I need to sleep this off.

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