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On a happy note …

… how cute is this fat little fella?

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Bad to the bone

My mom and stepfather, George, received Rufus as a wedding gift. This billy goat had more pages than Tolstoy at his windiest. His sire had been Ennobled by the American Boer Goat Association, meaning he conformed to the physical standards … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

These photos show the high points of my day. Now you’ll have to excuse me. I drove all day and then drank an entire bottle of merlot by myself. I need to sleep this off.

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Making sausage

My mother said my last post about selling my pet goat to buy a saddle made her sad for Dicken and Garth Brooks. “I feel weepy when I think about it. They were such sweet boys,” she said. It’s been … Continue reading

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I was a growing girl, and the part that was growing the fastest was my butt. Whether you consider an ample posterior a blessing or a curse, the fact was I was outgrowing the saddle I had been using for … Continue reading

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Tasty little morsels

Megan was the bus bully. You always heard her coming before you saw her. The sound of her gum¬†popping was like the first crackle of thunder during a¬†summer storm. Her footfall was like the running of a hundred bulls. Her … Continue reading

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Getting ahead of ourselves

While on the farm, I helped get this goat get her head out of the fence no fewer than three times. Some goats, like some people, never learn their lesson. The grass is always greener on the other side, little … Continue reading

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