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The St. Louis Cousins’ last ride

It was always an exciting time for my sisters and me when our St. Louis Cousins came to visit. For though we were the country mice to their city mice, they were savage in a way we admired but could … Continue reading

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A conversation with my grandmother

“I found this coffee cup upstairs in the bathroom. Sometimes I walk around and leave them weird places. It is a bad habit.” “It must be a Dohack thing. I remember your father used to leave coffee cups on all … Continue reading

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I like to move it move it

I’ve spent the past few days working on a move. I got started eliminating extraneous materials a few weeks ago, and thought I was doing a pretty good job. This weekend I learned I was wrong. I have a lot … Continue reading

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Welcome to the madhouse

Some women click around the Internet fantasizing about the next pair of shoes they’re going to buy. Others might be researching dream vacations, searching for the ultimate chocolate cake recipe, trying to define their decor style or looking for love … Continue reading

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Annie’s pretty pony

It doesn’t cost much to buy a horse in Ripley County, but as with anything else in life you get what you pay for. My family’s horses were always beautiful, but they were always crazy. The exception to this rule … Continue reading

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A ride fit for a queen

In honour¬†of the royal wedding, here is a picture of my horse Prince William.¬† He was mine before he was Kate’s.

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