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The stay-at-home boyfriend

I had this conversation with a friend today: “I write stories for a living. I don’t do poorly, but I can’t support two people. Well, when one of those people needs to go to Banana Republic, especially.” “I am never … Continue reading

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Animal husbandry

Many years ago, we had a pair of male geese, Ace and Gary, who only had eyes for each other. My mom later got a female in hopes of getting some goslings, but they chased her away. I guess we … Continue reading

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Mad Dog

I never knew my dad’s coworkers by their true names. Each railroader was assigned a handle based on his first and middle initials. My dad was Dog Shit. His best friend was Mad Dog. Dog Shit and Mad Dog were … Continue reading

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A message from my mother

“I dreamed Hank (the retired carnival mule my mom bought at a livestock auction when I was 10) got a girlfriend, then they got married. She was a smaller black and white mule. Her parents were real snobby and didn’t want her … Continue reading

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Contextual clues

Moritz the exchange student and I hit it off pretty quickly, but sometimes things got lost in translation. It isn’t that he didn’t speak “well English,” but occasionally his word choice was a little off. The following exchange occurred when … Continue reading

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A text message from my sister

“Kid in front of me at Walgreens is wearing a Hickman 2012 jacket and buying Sour Patch Kids, a Mountain Dew liter and condoms. Don’t spoil her, kid!”

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The foreign exchange student

Our high school always got a surprising number of foreign exchange students each year. It was a bad deal for them. When they got the news they were going to the United States, they were probably picturing New York City … Continue reading

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