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A message from my mother

“Somebody is getting a new ukulele delivered to her office tomorrow.” Note: That somebody is me. I am so excited. My co-workers are not.

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Musical interlude

Want to know what song makes me happy? It isn’t that well-known, but you can find it if you go to Grooveshark and do a search for “Dohack Joe” by The Bottle Rockets. I’m not sure what the song is about. My … Continue reading

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Musical interlude

I heard this song for the first time this morning. It pretty much sums up my adolescence in three minutes. The geeks might not ever inherit the earth, but at least they can poke a little fun at themselves.

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Spice up your life

I don’t know why they accepted me into the fold, but the group of girls I hung out with during my formative years were the sweetest, most wholesome girls anywhere. At 14, none of us had even held hands with … Continue reading

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A message from my mother

“By the way, I had that Aaliyah thing you posted on Annie’s Facebook wall turned up on my computer while a maintenance guy was here fixing something in our TV, and he was very smirky when he left.” Sidenote: I am jealous … Continue reading

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A good cause

I just got off the phone with a man who belongs to a country line dance/breast cancer awareness walking group called the Boot Scootin’ Boobies. He wanted to let me know about an upcoming chili cookoff fundraiser. Everything about our … Continue reading

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Love song

You can say whatever it is you want about Hanson. I know better. “What the heck is an MMMBop?” you ask. I am not sure, either. But, what were you doing when you were 14? Were you recording a four-time … Continue reading

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Defending the family name

As the lifestyle editor at my newspaper, I am responsible for coming up with the weekly Love It or Hate It poll, which invites readers to sound off on the latest fashion trends. There are several readers who feel passionately … Continue reading

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She’ll probably be a really big star soon

Annie got all the music genes.

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I had always thought Jimmy was funny. That is, I thought he was funny until our second-grade teacher, Ms. Smiley, changed the seating arrangement and put Jimmy behind me. Then I thought he was horrible. I have to give him … Continue reading

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