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Conversations with my colleagues

Co-worker1: You know you’ve got the awkward market cornered. Co-worker2: Yeah, you’re like an awkward Walmart that crushes anything smaller and awkward that tries to step on your turf.

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This is going to be my year

According to the Associated Press: “It’s about freakin’ time. The term “F-bomb” surfaced in newspapers more than 20 years ago but will land Tuesday for the first time in the mainstream Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, along with sexting, flexitarian, obesogenic, energy … Continue reading

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A conversation with a friend

“I have to go find hot people soon.” “Like sexy people?” “Like sweaty people. There are no sexy people in Decatur.”

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A dispatch from the homeland

The April 25 issue of The Prospect-News features two stand-alone photos showing conservation agents Darren Killian and Jason Langston dragging a dryer out of the Current River. According to the cutline, the conservation agents were offering a reward for information leading to the arrest … Continue reading

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Survival of the fittest

A story published in the Prospect-News recounts the adventures of brave Leroy Reddin, who killed a 63 inch timber rattlesnake during a hunting trip March 31. According to the P-N, the snake measured 10 inches in circumference and had 12 … Continue reading

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Law & Order

The following are excerpts, taken verbatim, from the Ripley County Sheriff’s Report and Doniphan Police Report, published in the April 11, 2012 issue of The Prospect-News. On April 2 a deputy was dispatched to Southeast Health Center of Ripley County … Continue reading

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A dispatch from the homeland

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