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A warm welcome

It’s not that he was bitter. Not like her.  Not that she had good reason to be. She had the affair. She moved out. She married his best friend. But, of course, word got around. He knew the things she was … Continue reading

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The most important meal of the day

As a conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad, my father had a somewhat unpredictable schedule. Sometimes his work took him north to St. Louis or Chicago. Other times it took him south to Memphis or Little Rock. Sometimes he’d be … Continue reading

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The St. Louis Cousins’ last ride

It was always an exciting time for my sisters and me when our St. Louis Cousins came to visit. For though we were the country mice to their city mice, they were savage in a way we admired but could … Continue reading

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A conversation with my sister

“What did you get Mom for Mother’s Day?” “Some wine glasses.” “OK, good.” “Why? What did you get her?” “Well, I asked her what she wanted. She said she liked those $8 t-shirts from Target. That didn’t seem very special, … Continue reading

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Some people are bad

I posted this last summer, but then took it back down after a few hours. I was afraid it would be taken the wrong way. My intent in sharing this story is not to malign anyone’s reputation but to emphasize … Continue reading

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A conversation with my sister

“Well, I’m glad to see he’s out of prison already.” “He was in prison?” “Yeah.” “What for? Meth?” “No.” “Child abuse?” “No.” “Child molestation?” “No.” “Then what?” “He set a latrine on fire on federal property.” “Oh.”

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Repeat business

Today I met my attorney for lunch so I could pay him the rest of what I owed him for making me a free woman. “Oh, shoot, I forgot to bring you your gift certificate,” he said as I handed … Continue reading

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Boyfriend says

“You. You! I have a bone to pick with you. Last night there was some noise in another part of the house. You got up to check it out. That was very manly of you. I appreciate that. But then you … Continue reading

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Conversations with my colleagues

Co-worker1: You know you’ve got the awkward market cornered. Co-worker2: Yeah, you’re like an awkward Walmart that crushes anything smaller and awkward that tries to step on your turf.

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Boyfriend says …

“I slept pretty good. I woke up one time and thought I heard something in the house, but then I realized it was your breathing.”

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