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A Mother’s Day Post

My mother was not like the other mothers. The others always appeared at school functions clad in jewel-tone wind suits or high-waisted, taper-legged jeans designed to broadcast their devotion to Diet Coke and rice cakes. The hair at the crowns … Continue reading

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The heart of the matter

June was a righteous woman. She and her husband attended both the morning and evening church services on Sunday, as well as the service on Wednesday. She was the kind of congregant who was always happy to bake cupcakes for … Continue reading

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To die for

Maybe it’s morbid, but I love reading obituaries. The details the bereaved choose to include in these write-ups say as much about the family as they do about the deceased. Many obituaries, like many personal ads, are full of safe, … Continue reading

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Fit for a king

I always figured the inside of my head was a good enough space to talk to Whoever is out there listening. Maybe it’s not. I came upon this structure when I was visiting my family over the holidays. I was … Continue reading

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A text message from my mother

“The Doniphan postmaster told me that one of the high school teachers gave him a rash of shit because he showed her Chanukah stamps when she asked to see holiday stamps.”

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Conversations with the dead

It was at a molecular level that Gil was a skeptic. So nobody was more surprised than Gil herself when she found herself dialing the number of a pet psychic to reach out to her dearly departed pomeranian, Macey. “Hello, … Continue reading

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A clean getaway

It would be wrong to say things got increasingly weird at church. It’s probably more accurate to say they were consistently weird, but that my capacity to recognize and fear that weirdness is what grew. My hippie parents took a … Continue reading

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A beacon of hope

A wild turkey flew across my path while I was on my way to work this morning. It’s going to be a good day.

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Lord, deliver us from the snack machine

The trio entered the emergency room lobby at about 11 that night. There was Mama Podunk, Papa Podunk and Teen Podunk. After noisily situating themselves in a corner, Mama Podunk gave Teen Podunk three dollar bills to buy three bottles … Continue reading

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The devil came to daycare

Slouched back into the red pile upholstery of the pew, I watched the wasp bob and weave around the lights in the church sanctuary. Though my parents didn’t belong to any particular denomination, I was there because I was enrolled … Continue reading

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