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A warm welcome

It’s not that he was bitter. Not like her.  Not that she had good reason to be. She had the affair. She moved out. She married his best friend. But, of course, word got around. He knew the things she was … Continue reading

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The St. Louis Cousins’ last ride

It was always an exciting time for my sisters and me when our St. Louis Cousins came to visit. For though we were the country mice to their city mice, they were savage in a way we admired but could … Continue reading

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A friend sent me this screenshot from a former classmate’s Facebook page. 

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Love, loss and the mean things I said

Dating in Doniphan is hard. Unless you manage to partner off with a newcomer before anybody else gets to him or her, you’re more than likely dating the castoff of someone you know fairly well. This can make things complicated, … Continue reading

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Bad to the bone

My mom and stepfather, George, received Rufus as a wedding gift. This billy goat had more pages than Tolstoy at his windiest. His sire had been Ennobled by the American Boer Goat Association, meaning he conformed to the physical standards … Continue reading

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I invented Post-its

My 10-year high school reunion is coming up next summer. Already, former classmates are making plans for the big day — heck, the big weekend — on Facebook. The sentimental part in my brain is sending out mushy “I can’t … Continue reading

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Wrapped around his finger

Abraham Holland was a weird kid. He had a Muppet-like voice that made him sound like he was always screaming. His mop of orange curls looked like someone had dumped a can of Spaghetti-Os on his head. He had a … Continue reading

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