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A conversation with my grandmother

“Are you riding your bicycle today?” “Yep.” “In this heat?” “Gas is up again and I┬árefuse to pay for it.” “Well, I hope you don’t turn into a puddle of oil. That’s melted fat, you know.” “Oh.” “You’d probably turn … Continue reading

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A conversation with a friend

“What’s up, Caroline?” “Procrastinating a run. You?” “Eating at a truck stop by myself. Sounds miserable, but it’s kinda great.” “It sounds right up your alley.” “I feel like I’m about to make a shady business deal or cheat on … Continue reading

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A message from a friend

“I’m going to the lake this weekend to check it out for us. I’ll let you know what kind of redneck species we are dealing with. I’m going to something called ‘Tater Day.’”

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