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A message from my mother

“Somebody is getting a new ukulele delivered to her office tomorrow.” Note: That somebody is me. I am so excited. My co-workers are not.

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Conversations with my colleagues

Co-worker1: You know you’ve got the awkward market cornered. Co-worker2: Yeah, you’re like an awkward Walmart that crushes anything smaller and awkward that tries to step on your turf.

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This is going to be my year

According to the Associated Press: “It’s about freakin’ time. The term “F-bomb” surfaced in newspapers more than 20 years ago but will land Tuesday for the first time in the mainstream Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, along with sexting, flexitarian, obesogenic, energy … Continue reading

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A conversation with a friend

“I have to go find hot people soon.” “Like sexy people?” “Like sweaty people. There are no sexy people in Decatur.”

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My most expensive piece of jewelry

Our HR manager just announced 401K training sessions over the intercom. “Come learn what’s available to you,” she said. I’ve been contributing to my 401K for several years now. I get regular statements with colorful graphs showing me how much … Continue reading

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Coffee cup wisdom

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On the commute part deux

“Nice purse holder,” a colleague said as I rolled into sight. “What’s that called again? Oh, it’s your handlebars.”

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A conversation with a colleague

Every once in a while, a coworker will call upon my farm-girl expertise. “Do roosters crow? What is the technical term for cock-a-doodle-doing?”

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Baby, you can ticket my car

I was downtown running a few errands for work when she caught my eye. She was a vision in navy cargo pants, a polo shirt and an institutional-looking visor.  The meter maid was out in her Wednesday best. “I hope you … Continue reading

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A good cause

I just got off the phone with a man who belongs to a country line dance/breast cancer awareness walking group called the Boot Scootin’ Boobies. He wanted to let me know about an upcoming chili cookoff fundraiser. Everything about our … Continue reading

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