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Flight of the grudge mule

Our mother had purchased the mule as a sort of fuck-you to our father. She and our next-door neighbor, Cindy, liked to go to the sale barn every Monday night to get away from kids and husbands for a few … Continue reading

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Tell me how you really feel, Siri

My mom recently made the leap from dumbphone to iPhone. One of her favorite things about it is her dictation app because she can walk around her greenhouse and make verbal notes on which plants she needs to restock, which … Continue reading

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Some people are bad

I posted this last summer, but then took it back down after a few hours. I was afraid it would be taken the wrong way. My intent in sharing this story is not to malign anyone’s reputation but to emphasize … Continue reading

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A conversation with my sister

“Well, I’m glad to see he’s out of prison already.” “He was in prison?” “Yeah.” “What for? Meth?” “No.” “Child abuse?” “No.” “Child molestation?” “No.” “Then what?” “He set a latrine on fire on federal property.” “Oh.”

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The end is nigh

This did not originate in Doniphan, but it might as well have.

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A conversation with a friend

“What’s up, Caroline?” “Procrastinating a run. You?” “Eating at a truck stop by myself. Sounds miserable, but it’s kinda great.” “It sounds right up your alley.” “I feel like I’m about to make a shady business deal or cheat on … Continue reading

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A dispatch from the homeland

The April 25 issue of The Prospect-News features two stand-alone photos showing conservation agents Darren Killian and Jason Langston dragging a dryer out of the Current River. According to the cutline, the conservation agents were offering a reward for information leading to the arrest … Continue reading

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