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Mad Dog

I never knew my dad’s coworkers by their true names. Each railroader was assigned a handle based on his first and middle initials. My dad was Dog Shit. His best friend was Mad Dog. Dog Shit and Mad Dog were … Continue reading

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Easter was always a stressful time for kids on the farm. Imagine, if you will, lying in bed on Easter eve wondering whether the Easter bunny will make it safely to your house. Your immediate concern isn’t that he will … Continue reading

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A little extra padding

Annie was a defiantly independent kid. As the youngest sister, she observed everything Katy and I did right and wrong, so when it was time for her to try something for the first time — whether it was a minor … Continue reading

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Oh, bloody hell

Thursday was trash day. My sisters and I were responsible for gathering all the trash in the house, consolidating it into big, black bags, driving it a quarter mile to the top of our gravel road and dropping it off … Continue reading

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Contextual clues

Moritz the exchange student and I hit it off pretty quickly, but sometimes things got lost in translation. It isn’t that he didn’t speak “well English,” but occasionally his word choice was a little off. The following exchange occurred when … Continue reading

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A text message from my sister

“Kid in front of me at Walgreens is wearing a Hickman 2012 jacket and buying Sour Patch Kids, a Mountain Dew liter and condoms. Don’t spoil her, kid!”

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The foreign exchange student

Our high school always got a surprising number of foreign exchange students each year. It was a bad deal for them. When they got the news they were going to the United States, they were probably picturing New York City … Continue reading

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